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Paying it Forward

PAYING IT FORWARD: At the beginning of winter, I ran into a homeless neighbor who was extremely cold. He asked for long underwear, so I went to the car briefly... returned... and gave him mine, along with gloves, a hat, and a sleeping bag. He was beyond thankful. Fast forward to this weekend. A man approached me as I was in a camp providing blankets, hand-warmers, and lights. He was at a distance and yelled out, "Do you remember me?" He proceeded to walk closer, and between the hat and mask, I did not recognize him. I wasn't sure of his intentions as he reached into the waistband of his jeans. What he pulled out though was the waistband of his long underwear... the long underwear I had given him at the beginning of winter. He told me how much those mean to him, and that he will never part with them. He also shared that he is now clean, has a job, and is no longer homeless. He continued to share that he puts aside money to buy blankets and other essentials to help others the way that I helped him. Light in my City is so thankful to have had a small part in helping one of our homeless Pittsburgh neighbors get off of the street and find a calling of his own.

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