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You are Important

Light in my City is honored to be able to supply LuminAID solar lanterns and FosPower Emergency hand-crank radios. The appreciation for those items is consistently abundant and genuine. Lanterns and radios were of course passed out this weekend, though the brightest light came from the smile of one of our homeless Pittsburgh women. We have known this woman for years. She did not look good and shared that she has been struggling mentally, physically, and emotionally. Today she needed someone to talk to. She needed someone to truly listen. She needed to know that she is loved. Light in my City is humbled to have been able to tell her that she is indeed important - that she matters. She reached out for a hug, tears welling up in her eyes. She said, "you're always here for me," as a big smile appeared on her face. Part of Light in my City's motto is to provide light and dignity. Today, that light and dignity didn't come from a lantern for our friend, but simply from the gift of time and genuine care. Pictured below is a decorated rock sitting outside of the tent of a homeless friend. It's an important reminder that we all need from time to time.

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