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Why is this important?

Light is often taken for granted. When it gets dark, we simply flip a switch and enjoy the illumination that a lamp or light fixture provides for us. We can continue reading, engaging in conversation, playing cards, or working a crossword. We feel a sense of security knowing that the lights are on. When it gets dark on the streets, however; it stays dark until the sun comes up. 

The emergency weather-band AM/FM radios provide our city's homeless with an opportunity to have access to weather alerts, news, music, and sports. These Fospower emergency radios:


*Are powered either by hand-crank, solar power, or batteries 

*Utilize efficient and long lasting LED bulbs 

*Have a built in AM/FM/NOAA Weatherband radio (for entertainment and safety) 

*Have a cell phone charging port (When possible, the homeless utilize pre-paid phones to keep in touch with doctors, caseworkers, and potential employment and housing opportunities)  

*Some units have a red beacon for emergencies

The high powered flashlights by Gear Light feature:

*High performance LED generates up to 300 lumens and delivers up to 3 hours of non-diminishing brightness on a single AA battery

*Zoomable: Zooms out for a wide beam or instantly focuses on objects a hundred feet away

*3 lighting modes: offer versatility for any situation: High, Low, and Flash/Strobe (for safety)

*WEATHER RESISTANT | ALUMINUM BODY - This flashlight can survive accidental drops, temporary water submersions, and perform reliably in all weather conditions. Suitable for use in heavy rain, snow, or emergencies.

*Belt Clip for ease of carrying

The luminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger features:

*150 lumens on brightest setting

*Collapsible LED Lantern

*Recharges either in the sun or with the included micro USB cord

*44-50 hour max runtime on low setting!

*Charges phones and devices with a 5V 2Amp output, 2000 mAh battery

*5 brightness settings

*300 square foot lighting area!


These lanterns, radios, and flashlights truly help to provide: LIGHT, DIGNITY, and SAFETY to our city's most vulnerable population.

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