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Helping our Pittsburgh Neighbors

Light in my City hit the streets today to help our homeless Pittsburgh neighbors. We gave out Eton Lanterns and GearLight tactical flashlights to help bring light to those in need. It is great to be able to place the lanterns and flashlights right into the hands of those who are so appreciative of the light, dignity, and safety provided.

We met a young man earlier in the day (not pictured), who found himself in Pittsburgh without friends or family, and sleeping under a bridge. Light in my City was able to provide him with lighting, but also the opportunity to talk out decisions that he was making. We recommended that he contact his father, and talked about ways to make that happen. He looked completely shocked as we talked. He shared that the four digits on our license plate were actually the last four digits of his father's phone number.

He was not only appreciative of the gift of light that we gave him, but also of the light that was shed on his decision to call his father. Light in my City is so honored to be a part of helping to change lives for the better.

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