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Providing for our Homeless Neighbors

From abandoned buildings, to cars, to homeless camps... Light in my City strives to provide light, dignity, and safety to our homeless Pittsburgh neighbors. When night falls, we have the luxury of simply flipping any number of light switches in our homes. We feel secure when the lights are on. On the streets, security can be hard to come by. The LuminAID solar lanterns, FosPower hand-crank radios, and GearLight all-weather flashlights that Light in my City provides help to provide a sense of security. The music and news from the radios not only provide the dignity of entertainment and information, but also serve as a deterrent to the rats, which can chew through tents seeking warmth and a potential food source. The flashlights enable our city's homeless to use the "facilities" at night without stumbling and injuring themselves. The solar lanterns provide not only light, but also serve as a power source for charging government phones used to contact caseworkers, health services, housing coordinators, and for emergencies.

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