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Understanding Their Reality

We will soon hear the words, "Trick or Treat." It's certainly a fun time of the year for both children and adults. For those who choose a costume, it is a moment to put our cares aside and try on a new persona. For our city's homeless, this is one of many options that is not available to them. Their reality is their reality every single day. And so in order to ease their burden, Light in my City visited homeless encampments in and around Pittsburgh this weekend to distribute LuminAID lanterns and FosPower emergency radios. Our homeless Pittsburgh neighbors were so very grateful. One homeless gentleman thanked me not only for the supplies, but for simply treating him like a human being. Light in my City strives to bring light, dignity, and safety to as many of our city's homeless as possible. Pictured are items we delivered to a camp just outside of the city.

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