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WE are Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh. It's our city. We are bound by more than just our 412 or 724 area codes. We cheer for our sports teams' victories or lament their losses as a unified front. We enjoy Turner's tea and Primanti sandwiches. We think fondly of Pittsburgh. Whether we were born and raised here, or simply now live in The City of Bridges - we desire the best for the place that we call home.

But what of our neighbors who don't have a home - those who are still proud to be Pittsburghers - but don't have a proper roof over their heads? As the cold weather sets in, life becomes considerably more difficult for our homeless Pittsburgh neighbors.

Light in my City works hard to let those facing homelessness know that they are still a part of our city. We let them know that there is hope. We provide survival necessities, including: tents, sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, LuminAID solar lanterns, FosPower emergency hand-crank radios, water, body wipes, and help in navigating next steps for their respective futures.

During this holiday season, please consider helping a fellow Pittsburgher by donating to Light in my City at the following link:

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